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Friday, March 2, 2018

Memory Items

These special keepsakes are made from 
clothing, pajamas, etc of your loved one(s). 

Memory Throws
$60 plus cost of backing fabric
(or you can bring your own)
These are NOT quilts. 
The top is pieced and sewn to a backing fabric.  I do tack the front & back 
together in a few places to hold them together. 
Most people like to use fleece for the back, but anything not too thick can be used.
My basic throw is about 47" x 69". I use rectangular pieces for these because you
can get more of that shape/size from pant legs & long sleeves.
I can make one with a different pieced pattern, but it will take more garments per throw.   
T-shirt Throws
$55 plus cost of backing fabric

The size of my t-shirt throws varies depending on the shirt sizes 
& the number of shirts you want to be used.   
This throw can be backed with a solid piece of fabric, or the backs of the shirts
can be pieced to make a backing.
Memory Bears

2 Color Bears
$50 (XS-L) and $52 (XL & XXL)

These bears can be made in 6 different sizes. XS-XXL. 
The XS is 8" tall (sitting) & the XXL is 16".
The XS size can be made with something as small as a newborn sleeper. 
This one is perfect to have made from a coming home outfit!
I call this my 2 Color Bear, but as you can see it can be made with only
 1 piece of clothes/blanket or 3 or more.
This one was made from a baby blanket that had the child's name embroidered on it. 
I arranged the pieces so his name would be on the bears chest.
One Color Bear

I also make a one color bear that is a different style. 
This one's arms & legs are floppy, so it doesn't sit up by itself.
This bear is about the size of the middle sizes of the 2 Color Bear & is $45.
Memory Pillows
Memory pillows are made from shirts. The pillow size depends on the shirt size.

**Please note that I do NOT make the sayings to put on pillows. **
A customer brought those when she brought me her shirts

Pillows made that include the shirt collar (tie or no tie) are $30 each.

Pillows made using button up shirts without the collar are $25 each.
Pillows made using T-shirts are $25 each.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Since I am no longer smocking/sewing clothes to sell ready made 
(except dedication gowns and outfits) all of my clothing has been marked way down.
I will try to remove pictures as soon as an item sells, but there is a small chance that I 
will  no longer have some clothing that is listed.

I also usually set up at craft fairs around Christmas time but did not do any this year.
All of those items are also on sale, most of them are $2-$10!
Please contact me to set a time to shop.

Here are some pictures of some of what I have.
Since I took these pictures as groups of items some of them have already sold
& I couldn't take them off without removing the others.
 I have more of each type of item, too.

Animal Neck Pillows $15

Neck Pillows $8

Toddler Backpacks $10

Sports Team Toddler Backpacks $12

Infant Blanket/Neck Pillow sets $10

Bath Mitts $4

Animal Puppets $10

Sports Team Puppets $15

Occupation & Deer Puppets $15

Tooth Fairy Pillows $2

Taggy "Blankets" $2

Sports Team Neck Pillows $18

Stuffed Elephant Baby Toys $3

Stuffed Turtles $4

Stuffed Balls $3

Flat Bear & Bunny "Crinkly" Baby Toys $5

I also have quite a few animal costumes in sizes NB-8. 
This is not nearly all of them, but I wanted to give an idea of what I have.

Sizes 1-3 mo, 6 mo, 12 mo, & 18 mo are $30 
Sizes 2, 3, & 4 are $35 
Sizes 5, 6, 7, & 8 are $40.
Dinosaur Costumes are $5 more than the other animals.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The rest of the clothes that I have

               I went through all of my clothes & found some that hadn't made it to my blog yet.

This post has all sizes


This outfit is size 6 mo and is $8

 This outfit is NB and is $8

This 2 piece outfit is size 2 and is $8.

 This 2 piece outfit is size 3 and is $8.

This dress is size 4 and is $10.


This dress is size 3 and is $15.


This split skirt jumper is size 2 and is $8.

This long newborn gown and bonnet are $10.